How To Borrow $200

Let's talk briefly about borrowing $200 because, quite frankly, sometimes you need the money now and can not afford to wait. So, what are the sources of $200 that you can turn to? Let's go over the top ones.

Yes, many a good friendship has been ruined by money but if you have good friends and are sensitive to their feelings, you may be able to borrow $200 without losing a friend. The trick is to prioritize paying the money back. Do not make any unnecessary purchases until you have paid back the money. This means do not go out to dinner, do not buy new clothing, nothing that is not needed. Doing so might come off to your friend as being uncaring about the debt.

Very similar to borrowing from friends but family may give you a little more leeway. Still, you should make it a priority to pay the money back in a timely fashion. Avoid making extravagant purchases until the money is paid back to your family member.

Payday Loans
Yes, not the best solution but if you have no other place to turn, this might be the way to go. The good thing about payday loans is that they fund quickly and you can generally apply for a loan online. As an example, this Dallas payday loan lender has an online application. Be sure to be careful with this type of loan though. They have high fees and you can easily become trapped in a debt cycle.

Employer Loans
Your employer may be able to help you find $200 as well. Many, especially small companies, may be able to advance you money on your paycheck. It is of no risk to your employer because it would be money that you have already earned. Be sure to not use this option often and have a good reason for needing the money. You do not want to seem unreliable.

Credit Cards
A new credit card might be just the thing to get $200 if you have decent credit. In addition, if you pay off the card when you get the bill, there will be no charges or interest. Check out Capital One as they often have some good deals on credit cards and will approve those with a little worse credit for unsecured cards.

These are a few of the easier ways to borrow $200. If you need money in a hurry, one of these options might be for you. Of course, if you can wait a bit we suggest you try to earn your money instead of going into debt.

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