Make $200 Garage Sale Flipping

Today, I will give you a method to make some extra money by flipping garage sale items. Need $200? You will have no problem making that much money with this method if you hustle a bit. Ready to get started? Here we go.
You see garage sales every weekend with signs on every corner. People have garage sales for two reasons. They want to make extra money and they want to clear junk out of their home. You want to go after the people who are just looking to clear out their junk the most. These folks will cut items loose for a fraction of the cost. For the best deals, hit the garage sales towards the end, when they are looking to close down for the day. They will be far more likely to make deals and let you save money by buying in bulk. Here are some things to look for.

1. Books, CD's, DVD's & Records
Buy in bulk and pay no more than a quarter a piece for these, at the most. You should be able to buy a whole box of this stuff for just a few dollars. Once you have your cheap score, take it over to Half Price Books or another book reseller. In most cases, you can at least double your money by selling the garage sale books to them.
2. Clothing & Shoes
If you know your designer labels, you can make some nice money reselling clothes and shoes. Offer to buy a lot of items in bulk and then take it to a resale shop such as Platos Closet. They only want the designer stuff, so you need to know your product to make money with clothing.
3. Furniture
At the end of the day, the last thing people want to do is drag furniture that did not sell into their home. They may have wanted $100 for that couch but now they will take a ten spot to see it disappear. Now all that you have to do is take it home and list it on craigslist. Couches in the $100 range will sell in a day or less. For even better results, you can clean the stuff up with a $4 can of foam auto upholstery cleaner from the auto store.
4. Collectibles
People often have no idea what they have in their possession. Look for figurines in good condition, unique salt and pepper shakers, etc. These can be sold on EBAY for some good money if you have a good eye.
5. Old Video Games
Some of those old game systems will sell very well on EBAY. This is especially true of things like first generation Nintendo games and systems.

This really just scratches the surface of what you can do with garage sales if you use your imagination. Buy low and sell high, it is such a basic strategy in business and one that anybody can put to use. Good luck and go get your $200..............or more.

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